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INNOMEL Mühendislik San.Tic.Sti. which was established in 2015, develops innovative and unique IOT, Artificial Intelligence, cryptology and blockchain projects. Their products and solutions are represented by reputable companies in the countries located in closed geography. In addition to its patented and innovative solutions, INNOMEL is representative of many well known and respected companies in Turkey and in many countries in a wide geographical area especially contributing to homeland and information security.


Defence, Homeland and Information security products and applications

Civilian Life

Artificial Intelligence, Cryptology, Blockchain and IoT products / applications for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, SBC and Embedded Systems...)


All solutions are customizable depending on custom needs

Secured Papers

With the only solution in the world, all confidential documents and papers of government agencies and R&D offices are now 100% safe against document and information leakage. Easy and quick setup. Cost effective.
Main usage fields : Government and Intelligence agencies, cosmic archives, R&D archives.

Its software module is the most reliable, practical and cost effective solution against fraud documents. The cryptology algorythm was developed by INNOMEL. No setup is required. It is expandable for custom needs.
Main usage fields : Diplomas, certificates, private deeds, vehicle licences, health reports, and all kind of documents to be verified.

Security and authenticity solutions can be implemented both together or separately.

For more information please click guvenlikagit.com

Angular Weapon Systems

The Corner-Gun weapon system which INNOMEL is the representative for Turkey, provides security forces during the asymmetric warfare in the city and in the building environments, with the aim of discovery, aiming and shooting without aiming at the corners. Its biggest advantage to the competitors is to be equipped with both optics and electonics sights.


The use of tear capsules is widespread in the world, both during social events and revolts, and before in-building operations.

However, with the world's single and fully mobile smoke generator, which has been developed against injury, fire and even ineffectiveness caused by this method, a gas pressure of 3,000 cubic meters per minute can be generated. It is compatible with IR view.

Easy and effective to operate. Cost effective.

It is used in many countries.

Other Systems and Solutions

INNOMEL develops its own technological products and solutions. Most of the solutions are under international patent protection.

Some of the systems are : Biometric verification systems, authentication labels, smart city and safe-driving solutions, information security systems, software and hardware development for all operating systems based on IoT, cryptology, artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning).

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News and Press

Our New Web Site Has Been Released

We have changed our web site design with a fresh and new style.
(2018, October 11th)

Sponsorship for AI Conference

Innomel supported DeepCon'18 conference as a sponsor. For details please visit the official website
(2018, October 5th)

Contact Information Update

Our fax number has changed. Please update.
(2018, September 6th)

Secured Paper - New Product

Our secured paper solution has been released with two modules. It is on air with its own web site. Please visit guvenlikagit.com
(2018, July 11th)

We Are On The New Location

We have moved to Atasehir, Istanbul and changed our Logo. You are always welcomed to our new office.
(2017, July 20th)

Interview With Our CEO

One of our defence and homeland security solutions is placed on Turkiye newspaper with an interview. Please visit to read.
(2016, May 19th)

New Products Are On Portfolio

We have strengthened our portfolio with new products and solutions from our reputable solution partners.
(2016, March 20th)


The company INNOMEL was established to act on several business areas and web site is on air.
(2015, December 29th)

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